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Lighted Weather Towers

Erected in 1912, the Walker Bank Building on Main Street in Salt Lake City originally housed the Walker brothers' bank business, a barbershop, a cigar store as well as others from time to time. According to the Walker Center website, sometime in the late 1940s radio station, KDYL erected a radio transmitting tower above the building penthouse. Many other buildings of significant height along the Main Street corridor added towers as well, including a prominent KSL radio sign further up the street. The Walker tower was re-purposed in the very early 1950s as an illuminated weather beacon, flashing red for rain, blue for overcast weather, solid red for snow, and solid blue for clear skies. Although it was lighted in the late '40s for aircraft navigation, the familiar color schemes and vertical Walker Bank logo images visible throughout the valley in the '50s and '60s post-dated events in Hint of Copper, and don't necessarily portray events of fiction mentioned in the book. For an era-accurate image, refer to the book's cover.

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