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Friends thought RICK BROWN led a charmed life–until he vanished in 1948, teenaged victim of the explosion that took President Harry S Truman’s life during a campaign speech in Salt Lake City's famed Mormon Tabernacle. Sixteen years later his still-grieving younger brother FRANK, tinkers with a broken desktop radio in a rented apartment and is suddenly transported back to the year 1955, having accidentally discovered time travel. 

Trial-and error soon gives Frank limited control of this new-found time machine. Determined to keep it a secret and travel back to 1948 to save his brother’s life, he learns to control the powerful device. But variations in his own timeline, caused by experimental excursions into the past, complicate those efforts with deadly consequences for strangers as well as his best friend GEORGE, and for CONNIE, the café waitress he adores from a distance. 

Discovered by agents from a future where time travel is secret  government business and tightly controlled, Frank narrowly escapes to the past where his pursuit of Rick on that fateful night forever changes both their histories and ours. 

And RICK, it turns out, has secrets of his own. 


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